Another Winter Storm Moving In

It just seems that old man winter doesn’t want to leave yet. With under three weeks until the official start of spring, many people would not even guess it is coming. It has been a very long winter for much of the northern part of the country. Winter storm Thor, as The Weather Channel is naming is is going to bring a mix of snow and wintery precipitation to much of the midwest. Tomorrow it will spread into the Great Lakes region and the Northeast. It was just two days ago that places like Washington DC and New York were dealing with freezing rain. Well, it looks like more is on its way into the area come Wednesday.
On the south side of this storm system many areas of the southeast will pick up up to an inch of rain to start the week. Temperatures will even warm up into the 60’s and low 70’s in some areas closer to the Gulf Coast. From the looks of it winter will be sticking around for the next week or two for much of the country.

Winter Storm Remus in Review

Winter storm Remus will be one that many across the south will remember. Remus dumped nearly a foot of snow in parts of northern Mississippi and Alabama. Even parts of Arkansas and Tennessee saw 6 inches. It then quickly raced into the mid-atlantic region overnight pounding parts of North Carolina and Virginia. It caused great travel delays across much of the Southeast. Check out some of these pictures and  that were sent in to us last night of the snowfall.

IMG_1970[1]rotated             IMG_7512 IMG_7517 IMG_7520 IMG_7523

Here are some of the snowfall totals that were reported:

Alabama 10″+ Snow Club:
Hamilton 12″
Winfield 11″
Byrd 10.5″
Winston 10″

Mississippi 10″ Snow Club:
Tremont 10″
Furs 10″

Winter Storm to Affect Millions Across the South

The next winter storm is on its way and it targeting a wide swath from Texas to the Carolinas! This storm will have the potential to being a wide swath of 1-3 inches of snow and some places in the higher elevations could see between 4-6″ with over 6″ in some localities! Cities like Dallas, Birmingham, Atlanta, and Raleigh could also see a wintry mix making travel very hazardous. Check out the map below outlining the current weather advisories. In the pink are winter storm warnings while the light blue is winter storm watch and advisories. Also below is the probability forecasts from the Weather Prediction Center for snowfall accumulation of >1″ and >2″ of snow. Extreme Weather Videos will have multiple live streams from the region starting tomorrow morning! So be sure to check out the Live Streams page for more!

US WinterStormRemus1 WinterStormRemus2